independent art gallery for
contemporary art & photography,
in nakameguro, tokyo.

artless appointment gallery is an appointment only gallery managed and curated by artless Inc. Harnessing our creative network and philosophy to curate the space, we will host several exhibitions each year and we hope the gallery will grow to become a hub of art and design.

Our plan is to host 5 exhibitions each year, featuring artists locally and internationally from across a wide spectrum of art, design, and photography. The gallery will be open to the public on reception days and weekends. Appointments must be made for visits on weekdays as well as for artwork purchases and comprehensive guides on featured artists and their work.
private viewing
We will work very closely with each of our artists and form lasting and trusting relationships. We ask that visitors who are interested in making purchases or those who wish to receive guides on the artists and artworks make an appointment prior to their visit. Please do not hesitate to contact us.
art services
We do not limit ourselves to selling artwork, and our scope extends to art management and direction whether it be BtoC or BtoB. With insight into the art market, we are able to create proposals for artist curation and organize commission work for various projects and spaces.

artless appointment gallery は、artless Inc. が運営およびキュレーションを行うアポイントメント制のアートギャラリーです。独自のネットワークと価値観によってキュレーションする企画展を数ヶ月ごとに開催するとともに、さまざまなアート・デザインを発信するプロジェクトスペースとしても展開しています。

アーティスト・デザイナー・フォトグラファーといったカテゴリーにとらわれず、国内外でグローバルに活躍するアーティストを取り上げたエキシビションを年5回ほどのペースで企画・開催しています。パブリックオープン(一般公開)は、レセプション開催時および土日・祝日 の11:00-20:00です。作品購入をご希望のお客様には、平日の予約制プライベート・ビューイングをご案内しております。


nakame gallery street J2
153-0051 東京都目黒区上目黒 2-45-12
2-45-12, kami-meguro meguro-ku,
tokyo 153-0051 japan

* monday - friday: reservation only
* saturday, sunday: public open
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